Why SelfHelpWorks

The SelfHelpWorks Difference

Unlike typical online health coaching programs, SelfHelpWorks lifestyle and disease management courses are not merely about education. They are designed to eliminate tough-to-break habits at the core, creating lasting behavior change through a step-by-step cognitive behavioral training process that literally reconfigures the mindset and emotional context from which participants operate.

There are two main reasons that SelfHelpWorks courses achieve high efficacy rates:

The format

Pre-recorded video of live instructors, combined with interactive quizzes and other multimedia features, create a captivating ‘live’ health coaching experience that maximizes engagement and retention. You can get an idea of the user experience by viewing the Demo Tour.

The approach

All SelfHelpWorks courses incorporate a powerful, evidence-based cognitive behavioral training process derived from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The process is designed to produce lasting behavior change without the misery and frustration that accompanies unsustainable willpower-based behavior modification strategies.

How Cognitive Behavioral Training Works

Have you ever wondered why some people simply cannot resist the urge to engage in unhealthy behaviors, no matter how hard they try to avoid them? It’s because certain deeply ingrained self-defeating beliefs and thoughts create an emotional state so powerful that it renders them incapable of rational choice. This explains why typical behavior modification strategies, which rely on willpower, generally cannot be sustained long-term. Cognitive behavioral training, which has its roots in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), is different. It breaks down the self-defeating beliefs, thought patterns and resulting emotional dependencies that drive unhealthy behaviors, replacing them with empowering beliefs, rational emotional responses and healthy behavior patterns. In other words, cognitive behavioral training is designed to remove the root cause of the unhealthy behavior, thereby eliminating it without the use of willpower.

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Research & Statistics


A large national wellness program offered condition-appropriate SelfHelpWorks programs to their members, based on their Health Risk Assessment scores. More than 60,000 members completed at least one program and were given another assessment the following year.


The smoking quit rate at six months was 38.1% for individuals who took at least the first session of LivingFree, almost three times higher than the 13.3% quit rate for smokers that used the American Cancer Society’s self-help materials.


Studies at St. Luke’s Hospital indicate a six-month quit-rate of 78% for those who completed all sessions of the LivingFree program.


A corporate client engaged David Heber, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine and Public Health and Director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition at the University of California, Los Angeles, to evaluate the benefits of LivingLean. Participants that completed the program as much as 6-12 months previously had lost an average of 26.6 pounds.


Employees of the State of Texas that participated in the LivingEasy program to improve their resiliency, 74% reported during the program that they felt less troubled by stress and 69% felt more capable to resolve the primary stressful situation in their lives.

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