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It’s relatively easy to provide effective wellness programming for lower-risk employees who want to stay healthy. But how do you help those who are difficult to engage, or whose costly unhealthy habits are too deeply embedded to fix with a simple tracker or challenge?

SelfHelpWorks video-based cognitive behavioral training courses are your best option. They’re an ideal adjunct or alternative to live or telephonic coaching, and employees love them – even those with low literacy levels. Coaching quality is always consistent and the courses are accessible privately and conveniently 24/7 via computer, tablet or smartphone. In short, they reduce the barriers to wellness participation and cost-efficiently allow your organization to:

  • Improve workforce health
  • Offer a Reasonable Alternative that delivers meaningful results
  • Help those who need it most
  • Increase productivity and morale
  • Build a better bottom line

The SelfHelpWorks solution is HIPAA-compliant, easy to implement and can be scaled across multiple locations. Capabilities include:

  • Robust participant reporting
  • Several authentication options including Single Sign-On (SSO) and eligibility files
  • Integrates seamlessly into most wellness portals – or use the SelfHelpWorks portal as a stand-alone
  • Automated data feeds – for use with incentive programs, coaching platforms, etc.
  • Custom services for legacy or proprietary systems
  • White label options
  • Downloadable engagement collateral


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