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The most efficient way to manage population health risk is to empower your members to take care of their own health. The SelfHelpWorks video based self-management tools are not only engaging – they’re effective too. Our evidence-based cognitive behavioral training process is designed to break down and replace even the most deeply ingrained unhealthy habits, resulting in sustained lifestyle change.

Use our programs to leverage the reach and productivity of your live and telephonic coaches, or as a cost efficient stand-alone that appeals to even the most difficult-to-engage populations. Deliver consistent coaching every time, and do it at the lowest cost per successful intervention.

The SelfHelpWorks portal and courses can be easily integrated into your health management portal, and they can be quickly and easily scaled across multiple locations. Capabilities include:

  • Free integration – Standard or Single Sign-On (SSO) using SAML 2.0 or other protocols
  • Robust participant reporting with subgroup permission functionality
  • Automated data feeds for use with incentive programs, coaching platforms, etc.
  • White label options
  • Downloadable marketing and engagement collateral

Our technology supports industry standards, and even if you have a legacy or proprietary system our experienced technical staff can provide custom services and solutions to meet your needs.


I’ve done every diet known to mankind but this program was the first to address the mental side of overeating! I finally feel in control and know how to manage urges to snack. I feel like I can have a future like normal people, not one who has to count and track everything I eat and feel guilty if I don’t.

Thank you! I have smoked for 45 years and have tried to quit smoking a lot with no luck but this course told me what to expect and gave me the help and support I needed to succeed. I couldn’t have done this without your help. Now I hope to be an EX-SMOKER for the next 45 years.

The program works. I especially liked the encouragement to make room in my life to consider how to be a help to others. 

This was an excellent course with an excellent instructor. Have been drinking for 44 years. This course helped me develop the skills to break this addiction/habit and make changes I wanted in my life. 

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