The six unhealthiest habits... and how to break them

We recently conducted an educational webinar for a large audience of corporate wellness specialists.

Based on the surprising volume of thankful feedback received, we’ve now split the webinar into a series of short videos so anyone can learn from the information we presented …


1 - The Six Unhealthy Habits That Drive Most Chronic Diseases


What are the six unhealthy habits at the root of the 15 chronic conditions that account for 80% of total costs for all chronic illnesses worldwide?


2 - How Much Does Each of the Six Unhealthy Habits Cost an Organization?


How much do unhealthy employee habits cost their employer every year? How much is due to lost productivity alone?

(You can download the complete report and references mentioned in the video here).


3 - Why Are These Six Unhealthy Habits So Hard to Break?


The difference between the way the brain stores “practical” and “emotional” habits – and why the six key habits resist traditional behavior modification methods.


4 - How to Successfully Change an Emotional Habit


Behavior begins in the mind, not the body. The unhealthy habit will keep coming back unless you retrain the brain to think and respond differently.


5 - How SelfHelpWorks Closes the Wellness Program Gap


Our evidence-based, online Cognitive Behavioral Training process cost-effectively eliminates the hard-to-break behaviors that often don’t respond to traditional behavior modification methods.


6 - Outcomes


A wellness solution is only as good as its results. These sample studies and surveys speak for themselves.


7 - The User Experience


Keeping participants engaged—especially hard-to-reach populations—is our expertise. Without engagement, no wellness solution, no matter how sophisticated, will be effective.


8 - Capabilities & Pricing


SelfHelpWorks is highly flexible and easy to implement, integrating with existing platforms or as a stand-alone solution.

White labeling, detailed reporting, and multiple configuration options are just a few standard features in our cost-effective solution.

Download the fully-referenced behavioral cost report here (it’s free).

Or contact us now to find out whether SelfHelpWorks is a good fit for your organization.

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