SDSU Tobacco Cessation Study ​

Man breaking a cigarette

In a study led by John Martin, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Behavioral Medicine Research and Training Clinic at San Diego State University, 250 smokers were randomized into one of two treatments. Results were as follows:

  • 38.1% – smokers who remained quit for six months after taking at least the first session of LivingFree
  • 13.3% – smokers who remained quit for six months after using the American Cancer Society self-help materials

Download the study to learn more, including:

  • Interesting statistics about smoking, smokers, and smoking treatments
  • How the study participants were selected and incentivized
  • Participant drop-out rates
  • Why the LivingFree program was more successful at helping more participants stay “quit”
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Featured download: SDSU tobacco cessation study

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