New report reveals staggering per-capita costs of unhealthy habits

Every self-respecting person in the healthcare or wellness industry is aware of the need for organizations to help their most important resource—their employees—live a healthy lifestyle. However, as many have found out, getting the attention and support of the C-suite and other senior decision makers can be a losing battle. Why?

A key reason is that senior decision makers have an obligation to protect the financial interests of the shareholders, which may differ from the needs of the employees. In other words, you need to do two things to get their full support:

  • Give them a solid business reason for spending company funds to help their employees live a healthier lifestyle; and
  • Quantify the business reason in terms of dollars.

One way to get decision makers’ attention is to show them how much their employees’ specific unhealthy habits are currently costing their organization—in dollars per year.

The numbers are astounding when you add them up. The statistics show that unhealthy workforce habits cost an organization an average of more than $340,000 per 100 employees each year! 

Getting hold of this often-hidden data can be difficult and time-consuming, however you’ll be glad to know that SelfHelpWorks has now done the work for you. Here’s how it happened …

Back in 2017, our research team began a project to comb the literature and dig up studies on the per-capita costs of specific unhealthy lifestyles. The data was originally intended for our internal use, but the bottom line is so compelling that we decided everyone in the industry needs to see it.

So, we’ve summarized key data in an easy-to-read report, and it’s now available as a free download for you to read and share with your colleagues.

The report gives you data and insights for specific lifestyle-related factors related to the six main behavioral drivers of chronic disease, as well as diabetes. It includes:

  • Prevalence (percentage of population affected)
  • Dollar costs of annual productivity loss per person affected
  • Dollar costs of additional annual healthcare per person affected
  • Average annual organizational cost per 100 employees

The report is fully referenced, and all the citations click through to the source data where applicable. Enjoy reading it … put it to good use … and please share it with your colleagues. Working together, we can make a difference in our country’s health!

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