Analysis: Impact of LivingSmart program on alcohol abuse

Glass of alcohol

Each year excessive alcohol use kills 88,000 Americans and costs the US economy more than a quarter trillion dollars. Businesses are impacted by increased absenteeism, reduced productivity at work (“presenteeism”), reduced team efficiency and morale, and increased health costs.

There is good reason so many leading wellness vendors, providers and employers rely on the results of the LivingSmart alcohol management program from SelfHelpWorks.

Inside this analysis, you’ll see:

  • The surprisingly high percentage of binge drinkers (and alcoholics) in a typical US organization
  • How much someone who uses excess alcohol costs an organization
  • The results of a 4000-plus member case study by a leading wellness vendor involving our LivingSmart alcohol management program
  • Anonymous exit survey responses and comments from real LivingSmart participants

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Featured download: Impact of LivingSmart program on alcohol abuse

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