The science behind the LivingFree tobacco cessation course


LivingFree is a unique online course designed to eliminate and replace the dysfunctional, emotionally-charged subconscious thought patters that drive tobacco addictions.

This report details four independent studies that confirm the efficacy of the LivingFree smoking cessation program:

  • Study 1: Summary of Penn State University Study, with Comparative Data Added – Compares the LivingFree intervention with standard counseling and pharmaceutical treatments.
  • Study 2: Synopsis of Critical Evaluation of SelfHelpWorks Methodology – An evaluation of the scientific substance of the SelfHelpWorks method by two expert PhDs in the field of addictive behavioral treatment: John E. Martin, PhD and Scott T. Walters, PhD.
  • Study 3: LivingFree Randomized Trial at San Diego State University – In a study led by John Martin, PhD, 250 smoking volunteers were randomized into one of two treatments: LivingFree vs a standard American Cancer Society self-help intervention.
  • Study 4: LivingFree Trial at Saint Luke’s Hospital & Medical Center, San Antonio – In a study led by Michael Wooley, MD and John Whitlock, PhD, 157 smoking volunteers were divided into two groups, one of which took the live instructor-led version of LivingFree while the other took the Internet version. 

Download the PDF to learn the results of these studies.

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Featured download: The science behind LivingFree tobacco cessation program

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