Prevent your wellness program from turning into an epic failure

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If your corporate wellness program has turned into an epic failure, you’re not alone. A 2014 Gallup poll found that while 85% of the big companies in the US offer a corporate wellness program, only 24% of employees are actually engaged in them. Wondering why your program hasn’t taken off quite like you’d initially imagined? Take a look at a few of the potential reasons things aren’t working like they should.

  • Your wellness program appeals mainly to the healthy. If your wellness program components attract mainly healthy employees who want to stay healthy, you’re missing the boat. These people are likely already living healthy lifestyles, so they don’t really need your help. If you really want to move the needle, you need to offer solutions that appeal to the rest of your workforce. The truth is that many employees who need to improve their health are turned off by being ‘forced’ to use the gym, wear a fitness tracker or eat certain foods in order to earn rewards. But those same people are quite open to the idea of doing things like watching videos that show them how to get rid of unhealthy behaviors that have been plaguing them for years.
  • It’s not accessible. You need a convenient wellness solution that can be used by your employees at all times. Make certain that they can take advantage of it both in the workplace and outside of it to create healthier lifestyles, not just at certain times or only in the office. At SelfHelpWorks, our secure online video delivery system is the perfect way to reach even the busiest or most private employees.
  • You’re not offering an incentive. People often need to be rewarded to try out new things, and that’s as true in a wellness program as it is anywhere else. It doesn’t have to be a complex incentive either — you could even offer something as simple as a nice coffee mug. But beware — incentives can be a double-edged sword. Use them to drive participation in a one-time activity like a health screening, or couple them with solutions containing cognitive training components that create intrinsic motivation. This is critical, because unless a new mindset is developed the employee will simply go right back to the same old unhealthy behavior as soon as you stop rewarding them.

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