How organizations are improving their population's health

Watch this three minute video to find out how organizations are using innovative cognitive solutions to empower lasting behavior change, improve workforce health, increase productivity, and build a better bottom line. Includes the eye-opening results of 60,000 at-risk employees who used cognitive interventions.

There’s no question about the benefits of helping your members or employees live a healthier lifestyle. Along with a better quality of life, your organization will increase productivity and lower health care costs in the process. The problem is, how do you help them change?

Technology and cognitive behavioral training are the keys to participation and lasting change.

With the use of technology, participants can access the training they need at a time that’s right for them. And with cognitive behavioral training, deep-seated resistance to change can be permanently overcome. Unless you change someone’s thinking, their old behaviors will always keep coming back.

Our experience, since starting in 1999, has taught us that video-based coaching technology is the best vehicle to deliver effective cognitive behavioral training. Confidential, 24/7 access by a computer, tablet, or smartphone anywhere in the world, encourages maximum participation and lasting behavioral change.

SelfHelpWorks cognitive interventions are already being used by thousands of organizations nationwide to empower lasting behavior change, improve health, increase productivity, and build a better bottom line. Why? Because they work.

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