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A free program to help you manage stress and build resiliency during the COVID-19 crisis

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LivingEasy is a digital stress and resiliency program we’re offering to help you manage your stress during this tough time


What the former Director, Illinois Department of Public Health, says about this program

How the LivingEasy stress and resiliency program works


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The COVID-19 pandemic is creating unprecedented stress levels, and we want to help—no strings attached. Here’s how …

We’ve arranged to make this special online stress management and resiliency program, LivingEasy, available to you free of charge.

LivingEasy was designed by experts in collaboration with the University of Texas. It has been the trusted choice of numerous Fortune 100 companies for many years. 96% of participants surveyed say they would recommend it to others, and 91% say they would take it again.

The program provides friendly faces 24/7 to keep participants company while providing step-by-step training to improve your resiliency and effectively take control of stressful situations. The program will also include relevant news and tips to keep you updated.

Although the pandemic is temporary, stress levels are unprecedented. So, for your health’s sake, please don’t delay. Just click the button below to get started …

Here's what's inside

You will be guided step-by-step to achieve your goals with pre-recorded “live” video coaching, interactive materials and push notifications.

User Interface

Maintain your health and happiness during the COVID-19 crisis

  • Equips you to handle any type of stressful situation, whether it’s work, family, financial, or personal
  • Easy to use and suitable for all educational levels
  • Accessible anytime, on any computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Self-guided video-based course, support tools, and notifications
  • Support your immune system while reducing stress and building resiliency
  • Friendly faces to keep you company as you work at your own pace

What others say about this program

96% of participants surveyed say they would recommend LivingEasy to others, and 91% say they would take it again

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