Cognitive programs for hard-to-break habits

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See how to eliminate stubborn health-robbing habits – for good.



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Reduce employees' costly behavioral health risks with these online cognitive training interventions

There are six unhealthy habits at the root of most chronic disease.  These habits are hard to break because they have an emotion-driven mechanism that resists standard behavior modification techniques.

These cognitive training programs eliminate the key emotional and psychological drivers that perpetuate unhealthy habits.

The interventions simulate live one-on-one training, but at a fraction of the cost.  They consist of pre-recorded video training sessions featuring expert instructors, supported by interactive quizzes and multimedia support tools including a companion mobile app.

The results speak for themselves

A large wellness program provider compared the before and after annual Health Risk Assessment scores of 60,000+ participants who took at least one SelfHelpWorks program. These are the results of that study.

Reported lower stress levels after taking the resiliency and stress management program

Increased their daily activity after taking the exercise program (refers to sedentary cohort)

Reported quitting smoking after taking the smoking cessation program

Lowered their BMI by >5% after taking the healthy eating / weight management program (obese cohort averaged 12% BMI reduction)

Reduced their drinking after taking the alcohol management program

No data was shared with SelfHelpWorks regarding potentional impact of participation in other activities

Here's what you'll see inside

A user interface designed for maximum engagement and retention

Participants are guided step-by-step to achieve their goals with pre-recorded “live” video coaching, interactive materials and push notifications.  Admins can view reports and aggregate data to track overall performance.

User Interface

Admin Interface

Options to fit any organization needs

  • Mobile app for anytime-access
  • Detailed reporting
  • White labeling
  • Plus much more…

Lasting and repeatable outcomes

  • Reduce organizational health care costs
  • Increase wellness program ROI
  • Improve employee well being and productivity
  • Affect change in high-risk populations

See a couple of programs in action

Participants build their knowledge, cognitive skills and motivation as they are seamlessly guided through each step of the program.


Excerpt from the LivingFree tobacco cessation program.


Excerpt from the LivingEasy stress and resiliency program.

Participants love these programs

About SelfHelpWorks

Since 1999, SelfHelpWorks has helped people learn how to break free from unhealthy habits that can lead to costly chronic disease – achieving lasting change that lowers risk, improves health, and advances outcomes for companies, health plans, healthcare providers, and wellness vendors.