About SelfHelpWorks

Who we are

Since 1999 SelfHelpWorks has partnered with employers, wellness vendors, health plans and healthcare providers to help people achieve lasting behavior change that lowers chronic disease risk, improves health, and enhances outcomes.

The online programs target unhealthy eating and obesity, tobacco addiction, poor stress management and resiliency, insomnia, physical inactivity, excessive alcohol use, and poor diabetes management. The programs utilize a proprietary, evidence-based training process derived from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to transform the beliefs and thoughts that fuel unhealthy behaviors.

All programs are mobile-friendly, video-based, expert-led, and scalable. They are easily integrated into existing portals or can stand alone. Features include multiple configuration options, white labeling, HIPAA-compliant reporting, custom data feeds and more.

Why SelfHelpWorks

Every person is unique, as are the circumstances that impact his or her behaviors. Yet, the psychology of “why” certain behaviors take root as addictive-type habits is the same for everyone.

For 20 years, SelfHelpWorks has helped people break free from health-robbing behaviors that can lead to costly chronic disease—achieving lasting change that lowers risk, improves health and advances outcomes for employers, health plans, healthcare providers, and wellness vendors.

Some health and wellness portals we're already integrated with...

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